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Club Repair

Complete Golf Club Repair
Chuck Willmore - Call Chuck Willmore for club repair at (520) 744-3366, ext. 14

Crooked Tree Golf Course offers the following club repair services: Reshafting, Wood Head Repairs, General Club Repair, Iron Head Adjustments, Regripping.

Wood Reshafting $19.00 +cost of shaft & grip
Iron Reshafting $18.00 +cost of shaft & grip
Bore Thru Reshafting $25.00 +cost of shaft & grip
General Club Repairs
Change Iron Loft and Lie $4.00 per club
Change Swingweight $8.00 per club
Lengthen or Shorten Shaft $10.00 per club +cost of grip
Regroove Iron Heads $10.00 per club
Remove Broken Shaft in Hosel $9.00 per club
Remove Shaft or Head Rattle $12.00 per club
Tighten Loose Head $8.00 per club
Regripping $3.00 +cost of grip

*** Normal turn around for general repairs is overnight unless special parts need to be ordered ***

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